How to play YouTube videos in Android Background

It happens everytime  when you are playing your favourite song or movie on YouTube. And suddenly WhatsApp pops out and it stops your video. Well, this is always irritating when you are really enjoying that video. So, why doesn’t it play in the background? Well all you need is to download YouTube Red that provides that feature but is it freely available? And the answer is no and even you want to buy it , it is only available at some specific part of the globe.o, to play to YouTube video without any rooting, all you need to do it to go through this article for some basic tricks, that you can easily do without any problem. So, let’s start from the beginning. There are some apps also available for Android. Which you can use for play youtube videos in background like ogyoutube app.

Download internet browser.


  •  Internet browsers, come pre-installed in the android platform.
  • You can also download them from the playstore freely, we advise you to download Firefox internet browser or even google Chrome. Both of them are fine

Copy the link of the video from the YouTube App.


  • To copy the link  click on share option on your video that you want to play in the background.
  •  Select the option of the copy link.
  •   Link will be copied to your clipboard.
  •  Now, you paste it where ever you want to.

Play it in the browser.


 For playing the video on the browser all you have to do is follows these steps.

  • Click on address bar.
  •  Option of pasting the link will automatically available.
  •  Request for the desktop site. (required for playing it in the background.)


Experience the sound still playing in the background.

Now, by pressing the home button you will notice the sound of the video is still playing. This is because the video is playing  on the browser which you can easily minimize. The problem of the stopping of the video  looks like to be solved. You can easily listen to the music while chatting, writing email and doing other works on phone with an ease.

For other alternative option you can download Mod based APK, which is quite inconvenient as you are not choosing the safer and official approach for the simple use. And if your phone supports Android 8 version there are no need of even doing that , because you can still play video as a task while doing the other works.



This option can also be applied for the ios operating system by following the similar steps on the Iphone.